Monday, 21 November 2011

Fast Food barbecue deluxe recipes

Mc Mörwald
Panel feast burgers, fried chicken Mc & Co.: creations by chef at McDonald's

Gourmet cuisine and fast food are not mutually exclusive: Top
restaurateur Toni Mörwald developed for the fast food giant McDonald's
burgers prepared creations and they also like to personally. Surf &
Turf, Mc panel Feast, Chicken Caprese, Mc fried chicken and barbecue
Argentino call themselves the dashing silent hunger, until the second
January 2012 in the Austro-branches are available.
A site inspection at the Vienna McDonald's showed Hadikgasse: Although
at first glance may seem absurd, a chef can also grill the burgers
quite professionally pursue his craft. "There is nothing improper to
interact synergistically," the enterprising restaurateur said when
asked how it came to cooperation. "Gutburgerlich" is what the fast
food giant, the delights of Lower Austria, which are now available in
all stores and the company, according to spokeswoman Ursula Riegler
created specifically for the Austrian market.

"Two well-known restaurant brands, One Vision: The best burger for
everyone," said Mörwald. Quality and speed were not a contradiction,
"fast food" is not necessarily unhealthy. Are crucial for the experts,
especially ingredients and timing: "A good dish depends to 50 percent
by the cook." About 200 recipes of cooking professionals has
developed, five of which have made it to the finals and are now to be
had for everyone. In part, the ingredients have been specially adapted
to the season: the horseradish sauce in the "McTafelschmaus" about the
"Surf & Turf" as a special "feast" for the holidays.

"Food is life time"
Of ideas for the future, or even more unusual collaborations he lacks
not - personally and professionally Mörwald applies to any case: "Food
is life time." "I prefer six meals a day," revealed the gourmet. Or
should we call him but Gourmand? Claims to everything he eats at least
in principle - and he pays attention to quantity and variety. But
"there is sin for me not." Neither does the detailed recipe: "Little
secrets must remain," he chuckled.

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