Monday, 21 November 2011

FIRE & FOOD starts in the winter bbq season

Over 24 percent are freezing at the grill, defying snow and ice. And -
let's be honest, outside in the snow, a crackling fire, delicious
treats on the grill, plus maybe a glass of punch or hot tea, what a
charming idea for one. For the true fans grilling and barbecue grill
Now begins the winter.

Winter grilling
For the first time appears a winter edition of the grill and barbecue
FIRE & FOOD magazine. In the current issue are the specifics of
grilling during the cold season in focus.
FIRE & FOOD this shows the appropriate equipment and techniques, tips
for selecting the proper fuel, plus expert tips and many "winterized"
recipes for the success of an unforgettable grilling and barbecue
evenings. Furthermore, the magazine takes its readers e.g. with
exciting on a culinary tour of Finland, visited Switzerland a
professional BBQ team, dealing with festive shows how to roast and
tasty winter meals cooked in the Dutch Oven. Helpful tips, news and
ideas for Christmas presents, complete the broad spectrum of the new
issue of FOOD & FIRE.

FOOD & FIRE The winter edition is the 11th November directly from the
publisher or barbecue stores.

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