Sunday, 8 July 2012

Compact barbecue on the balcony railing joy

The Bruce BBQ Grill provides space-saving grill pleasure - thanks to lightning-fast mounting on wall or on the balcony.
The balmy summer weather makes you want to have a barbecue with friends. But what if the home balcony is too narrow to accommodate friends together to barbecue? The solution is Bruce BBQ barbecue - and is our gimmick of the week.

Made much more pleasant to the barbecue at home - without even your own garden. How does it work? Introducing the ultimate wizard. Permit, Bruce. Bruce BBQ barbecue.

The handy mini-barbecue in window box format adapts to the balcony railing or can be screwed to the wall with the included accessories. Installation is smooth, finished twitching - once the box barbecue adorns the balcony railing and burn the coal, sweetens the flavor of fresh sausages and steaks the summer. The BBQ barbecue is both a short session and extended by Brutzelparties - with its six kilograms Bruce brings nothing as fast as amended.

A voodoo doll is perfect for relieving stress in between - you can let out your anger really, if she wins the upper hand. Imagine Just imagine your boss to hold in your hand and then stab. If your boss does not really meet this doll ...
The rectangular balcony barbecue are made of a durable steel and thus a long-term companion for the barbecue master of the nation. In addition to outdoor and indoor box includes a base and a cover plate also included, such as mounting hardware and installation instructions.
One little tip on the edge: In rent to spoil not only the envy of neighbors with distinct sausage grilling pleasure, but also clauses in leases that prohibit barbecueing on the balcony. Before you Bruce comes into the house, so you better take a look at your lease.

Stylish enjoy the barbecue season: This barbecue station is not only functional and looks noble, but is also very special light in the dark accents.
Take: architectural design, quality materials and precision laser cut by hand - and get the NERO BBQ barbecue, designed by ÎLE19. It was named after the first black-painted prototypes. In a highly precise process stainless steel plate material is created by laser work.

Thereafter, the parts are bent, welded and cleaned up the hems all welds consuming; different surfaces (brushed, painted, powder-coated) are possible.

Practical: The grill grate to prevent the one hand that the food can fall into the fire and the other the classic steak a special 'branding' awards. The laser-cut pattern of the body 'can occur, especially in the evening hours, a virtuoso photograph. And if you do not feel like grilling has - the NERO BBQ is also suitable as a noble planter ...

For the NERO series also includes the Swedish fire (picture bottom), which is both clear and technically designed and produced in addition to high heat and exciting light pattern.

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