Monday, 21 November 2011

How to barbecue tasty and healthy

With these tips, the barbecue season a real pleasure.

Now barbecue smell in the air! Thus, the Brutzel-season is a success,
we have the best tips for you.

The main grill rules
- Prefer Lean meat
- Grilled vegetables are delicious and healthy
- Do not salt bbq food before barbecue
- Nothing cured barbecue
- Grilled food can not burn
- Local grilled fish tastes fantastic

Here you will find the best barbecue recipes!

The 8 commandments grill
First Pay attention to the quality
To resort to cheap offers, pays when grilling is not enough. The meat
quality is important.

Second Marinade
One should marinate for several hours before the barbecue. Before you
put marinated meat on the grill, blot it off with paper towels.

Third Correct seasoning
The spices should accentuate the natural flavor of the flesh, but in
no case cover. Salted is always the grilling until just before it is
placed on the grate.

4th Do not save on charcoal
Here to set the pen is worth saving, not themselves. Because of good
quality charcoal grill has a richer glow and less ash.

5th Tobacco-is also
So no meat juices or fat drips into the fire (in fact this form
cancer-causing substances), you should confirm the grill or grill with
aluminum foil cups to use.

6th Time can
Meat on the grill first place if the coal is completely smolder.

7th It does not always have to be meat
Vegetable skewers or whole pieces of vegetables (peppers, eggplant
barbecued ,...) taste delicious! You will also save calories. Also
fresh fish can be grilled.

8th Healthy Supplements
Fresh salads, tasty vegetables and baked potatoes are easy to grill
it. Access to calm and refrain from fat dressings and sauces.

Public picnic areas
For Whom the snack on his journey is not enough, the barbecue area is
just right. Picnic areas and barbecue areas in recreational areas can
arise in Vienna holiday mood. A beautiful day in the great outdoors at
selbstgegrillten delights is a delight. Grilling is only permitted on
public barbecues.

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