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bbq recipe for the perfect steak

Making a perfect steak

It must look like a steak.

A perfect steak is a special treat for meat lovers. A nice crust outside and slightly pink inside - as it should be. But, unfortunately, is out of the steak on the grill quickly a tough, dry piece of meat. With our tips for buying meat, preparation and timing you manage the perfect grilled steak.

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As with all meat dishes, the quality of the piece of meat is crucial for the success. Best to let the steak freshly cut from the butcher - should a steak one inch thick. The meat must be well hung, his deep dark red and covered with fine, white fat veins. Stay away from brown meat with yellow or brown fat, because that has its best days already behind him. Also of pre-packaged, thin minute steaks you can better the finger, because the quickly dry and tough.

Preparation is important
Take the meat out of the fridge in time so that it has room temperature and dry it off well. Fat edges of steak keep the meat juicy. Therefore, it only cuts off edges, which contain more fat than meat. Rump steak with fat you can cut back the edge to about five millimeters. If the edge is too thick, the flesh undulates on the grill. Season or marinate the steak depending on the recipe before grilling.

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So it works on the grill
When grilling steaks that sufficient heat is present. When the briquettes charcoal grill must be very hot, about 230 to 290 degrees. A gas grill is provided on the highest level. First, both sides of the steaks over direct heat are seared. Steaks, which are thicker than three inches, are then added (indirect heat) into a hot zone of the not grill and finish cooked. Apply to always use a tongs, not prick with a fork into the meat. Before cutting the steak should rest yet a little, wrapped in aluminum foil, for example. So the meat juices can redistribute.

Check the doneness of the steak
Only a few degrees core temperature separate a juicy steak of a shoe sole. You can determine the doneness by side, gently pressing with tongs. With experience, you know how tight the respective type of meat feels in different Garstadien. Provides more accurate results, a meat thermometer.

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Do you want to give an impressive grill your steak pattern yet? Here's how: Place the steak on direct heat on the hot grate, after a minute or two they turn the meat on the grill for 60 to 90 degrees. Who wants repeated after turning the drain. The best results you get on a cast iron grate. The pattern on the second side does not have to be.

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